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UKC/Nat/Can Ch. Allyndanes Man O’War v Bayridge

December 15 1999 --- January 02 2006


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Early Years
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In Memory of Banjo……………….

     As I sit here in utter disbelief and in Tears that you have left for the bridge, I try to find the words to express exactly what you meant to me.

     That first day I visited Lisa Dias of Allyndane Great Danes, I knew I wanted a pup; I wanted a ‘Show’ Dog, but also a Great Companion for Me and my young Family. WOW! I cannot believe that I got everything that I asked for and more.

     You were a true show dog, and I believe you enjoyed the ring as much as I did-we were a Team, win or lose we enjoyed what we did because we were together. You put on the charm. All I know is when you were at the end of the leash that I was proud to own a great representation of the breed and one whose temperament surpassed that which was required of the breed.      In your Show career, you took Best Puppy of the Year for the Great Dane Club of Canada in 2000. In 2003 you were in the Top 10 for the Club, with limited showing by me and your handler buddy Larry Clark. You placed in the top10 for your breed in 2004 with the UKC and also managed 2 RBIS for the UKC. Although you never took BIS –too me you were very worthy of such a win and will always be a BIS Dane to me and my Family. Together we took many group placements with a few group 1’s…….those where very exciting for this novice owner.

     In 2005 I let you retire from showing to be my best couch potato. You kept me warm and made sure that no one else got to sit on the couch. Because you enjoyed showing so much I entered you one more time in the altered class in Edmonton Alberta for another Chance to show your stuff, and that you did! You knew exactly what to do and impressed the judge very much. Taking Best of Breed Altered in Specialty.

     You have touched everyone that you have met, from the judges that honored your wins in the show ring, to those that just met you in passing and who would stop everything just to get a hug from you. Everyone that had the pleasure to meet you commented on your character how you warmed right up to them.

     You had a tendency to think you were a small dog and would want to climb in everyone’s lap; you kept the boxer pups in line and enjoyed showing them where the good stuff was.

     My first Show Dane, you brought me to a world where I met many special friends, our Journey together in and out of the show ring will be remembered for ever, you were my best friend, My ‘Heart’ Dog and It has been very hard to let you go.

     That Journey is over here on earth, but you will live on in memories that we have made together. Someday we will be reunited. I am still Blaming myself and the darn ice on the van, for not getting you to the vet in time……I am so sorry my dear sweet boy…………

     Torsion took you from me, but I know that your heart will go on and your spirit will live on Forever…...

Until we meet again, God Speed Sweet Boy
"I could have missed the pain, but I would have missed the dance" - Garth Brooks






My Heart Will Go On - Celine Dion